Tech journalism is less diverse than tech

We created an independent diversity report on tech journalism.

Using multiple sampling methods, and multiple ways of estimating race and gender, we find that (a) tech and tech journalism are very similar on gender diversity, and (b) tech journalism is less racially diverse than tech itself.

Tech journalism is less diverse than tech.


We approached the question of diversity in tech journalism from multiple angles.

In terms of datasets, we gathered a list of Twitter users who identify in their bios as having worked at a tech journalism outlet. And we also gathered independent lists curated by third parties.

In terms of analysis, we used both subjective and algorithmic methods to infer race and gender.

Regardless of the dataset or analytic method used, we consistently found that tech journalism is between 77% to 84% white. By contrast, the big five tech companies are about 50% white.

See the raw data

Check our results to conduct your own analysis. The spreadsheet includes public information from Twitter on ~1000 tech journalists.